Why Otten Law


Why Otten Law Firm? Miami Immigration Attorney Miami Florida Business Lawyer

Why have a Mission?

Mission of Otten Law Firm is the reason for this law firm’s existence. It’s why attorney Oleg Otten gets out of bed every morning and goes to work on Otten Law Firm instead of at some other company. Don’t confuse having a Mission with being a not-for-profit: Otten Law Firm is a business, and one of the reasons for every business’s operations is to make profit. But long-term profits are possible only if a business is positively contributing to the society and if it’s making lives of its clients better.

Otten Law Firm’s Mission

To resolve our clients’ legal problems at reasonable and fair prices
To prevent future legal problems of our clients’ by paying attention to every detail
To help American economy by freeing our clients’ from legal webs and allowing them to return to their businesses, careers, and families as quickly and painlessly as possible
To promote justice and fairness by making sure that any business documents prepared by the firm protect our clients’ interests
In short: Otten Law Firm works to resolve our clients’ current problems and prevent future legal problems at reasonable and fair prices, by paying attention to every detail, and by standing on a foundation of ethics and integrity. 

How does Otten Law Firm Implement its Mission?

Miami immigration attorney helps clients with a wide range of immigration issues: from temporary visas to work, study, or visit the U.S. to employment-based and family-based permanent residence petitions and U.S. citizenship. Also, Miami immigration lawyer assists foreign entrepreneurs and investors with immigrating to the US through business or investment. Otten Law Firm submits cases to the government making sure that all the paperwork is prepared truthfully and following the law. Miami immigration lawyer advocates for his clients considering all the angles and without cutting corners, which ensures that the client will not have to fear that something from a past case prepared by Otten Law Firm would come back to haunt him.
Miami business lawyer assists business owners and entrepreneurs with reviewing, drafting, and negotiating contracts and agreements, setting up new businesses, and providing ongoing legal support to comply with federal and state requirements and protect your business with strong contracts. Florida business attorney will also help you buy a new business, which is a complicated process involving multiple legal documents. Otten Law Firm drafts contracts in plain and precise language to avoid any confusion and to reduce the risk of future litigation, which often results from vague and double-meaning drafting. Florida business lawyer makes sure his business clients are protected in case a deal falls through, a business partner wants to split, or a supplier fails to comply with her duties. Clear and strong contracts ensure that Otten Law Firm’s clients don’t get taken advantage of by the business sharks, and that justice prevails.