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Miami immigration attorney Oleg Otten will help you get L-1 manager visa as an executive or manager

L-1 Manager Visa is intended for international managers, executives, and employees with specialized knowledge.

What types of L1 visa are there?

Managers and executives can get an L-1A visa, which can eventually lead to a green card through EB-1C process.

Workers with specialized knowledge can get an L-1B visa for up to five years. Unfortunately, it does not lead to a green card in itself. But an experienced immigration lawyer may be able to help you transfer from L-1B to L-1A visa, if you satisfy the legal requirements.

How long are L1 visas good for?

If the US company is younger than one year at the time of the filing, then the manager or executive would get a new-office-L which is good for one year only. Then, the employer has to apply for one or more extensions for up to seven years.

If the US company is older than one year, then you would get regular L visa, usually good for three years. To renew the visa, the employer must prove appropriate scale of business activities.

What are the requirements to get an L-1 Manager visa?

You would have to have a foreign and the US entities that are related as a subsidiary, or a branch, or an affiliate. Foreign entity must be engaged in actual business. You may not simply use a shell company. US entity also must conduct business activities. Employee must have been employed by the foreign entity for at least one year within the three year period before the company is filing a petition for the employee. In some cases, a company may obtain a Blanket L, but the requirements are quite tough.

Process of obtaining L-1 Manager visa

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May I have an immigrant intent with an L1 visa?

Yes, L-1 Manager and L-2 Dependent visas are dual intent meaning that the conditions of the visa don’t require absence of immigrant intent. Unlike with a student or tourist visa, you may openly plan to immigrate to the US without fear of violating your status.

How can I get a green card if I now have an L-1 Manager visa?

If your intention is to get a green card, you are in the luck! It’s often easier to get a green card via the L-1A and then EB-1C route because you would not have to go through PERM or Labor Certification process, which is time-consuming and expensive. Moreover, if you are the owner of the business, it will be especially difficult for you to successfully go through the PERM process. So, L-1 Manager visa is perfect for managers and executives who consider immigrating to the US.

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