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Client reviews - Immigration attorney Business lawyer Miami Florida Oleg Otten“I was extremely pleased with the service I received.  Very professional!  The service was prompt and very helpful.  Oleg Otten resolved my issue in a timely manner.  Highly recommend!!”

Helene J.

Fort Lauderdale, Florida, July 2017

“After speaking to dozens of attorneys I was very discouraged about finding a knowledgeable attorney who could help me buy a business and gather necessary contracts. What a good day it as when I found Mr. Otten! He is knowledgeable, prompt and makes you feel like however complicated your business matter may be, he will be able to assist. I am so impressed by his humility and him being available whenever you need. Need your work done fast? No problem! He goes out of his way to make sure he can assist and know that with an attorney like Mr. Otten, you are in good hands. This is one of the friendliest, knowledgeable, prompt, and efficient business attorneys in South Florida. I have numerous matters to attend with Mr. Otten including Convertible Promissory Notes, Asset Acquisitions, and various contracts as I am a startup entrepreneur, and I am blessed to have an attorney I can work with long term. I highly recommend this attorney for all your business law needs!”

Tabia A.

Miami, Florida, July 2017

“Recently had the opportunity to use Otten Law Firm for a contract review and the service was quick, prompt, and efficient. Recommend.”

Latham L.

Pembroke Pines, Florida, July 2017

“It was very convenient for my American fiancé and me that attorney Oleg Otten speaks in English and Russian, so, we both could have a consultation with him with all questions and problems of our immigration case. Legal help for preparations of all required documents and an interview preparation as well allowed us surprisingly quickly and without any problems to receive visa. Thank you, Mr.Otten.”

Fort Lauderdale, Florida

“Thank you listening and understanding the scope of work we were looking for. Spot on!”

Connie N.

North Carolina, July 2017

“Oleg was quick, efficient, and detailed.”

Ty L.

Miami, Florida, July 2017

“Quick response! Very profesional.”

Miguel A.

Connecticut, June 2017

“Oleg is a great immigration attorney who knows his field and keeps abreast of developments.”

Sunny M.

Miami, Florida, April 2017

“Very knowledgeable and professional lawyer who I had the pleasure of working with for a period of 2 years. Oleg always goes out of his way to try and help resolve the issue at hand in a timely and accurate manner. His broad experience and strong analytical skills provide for an outstanding resource to rely on. I would highly recommend Oleg to anyone who is in need of legal advice and guidance. Outstanding lawyer and very honest person who always puts his clients first.”

Antonio Z.

Hialeah, Florida, September 2016

“Professional service at every step of the way!! Oleg Otten is truly a master of his craft!! I can not be more grateful for his advice and guidance in helping me grow my business to the next level! 
I have had a pleasure of knowing and working with Oleg for a period of 2 years, during which Oleg has always exceeded my expectations on legal advice and guidance necessary at each and every stage of our business development. I am proud to say Oleg’s services have helped my wife and I build a successful company which now employs 15 full time professionals and on track of opening our second office by the end of this year. 
Whether it is operating agreements, business contracts and amendments, NDAs or employee contracts, Oleg was very thorough and precise in making sure that we stayed on track every step of the way! 
I plan on continuing to work with Oleg and would highly recommend his services to anyone looking to expand their business.”

Peter F.
Miami Beach, Florida, September 2016

“Oleg Otten is simply the best! Oleg was a pleasure to work with and very knowledgeable. He prepared some legal contracts for me and was very diligent meeting deadlines. He was very patient and understanding with my hundred million questions. I would recommend Oleg anytime.”

Sofia G.
Miami, Florida, June 2016

“Thank you for a good job! Oleg Otten is a highly qualified professional who is familiar with his work. I was lucky to meet Oleg and to get my student visa with his help. At the time of application for a visa, I did not speak English and could not apply on my own. I needed a specialist who could speak both English and my native language. 
While working on my case Oleg always stayed in touch, kept me informed and answered all my questions. He also gave me moral support. Thanks to this lawyer I got my student visa and graduated from English language school. 
I would recommend Oleg Otten to my friends or anyone.  Oleg, thank you very much for your help. You did a great job.”

Nadia M.
Boca Raton, Florida, April 2015

“Excellent lawyer! I’ve worked with Oleg Otten enough to say that his knowledge and understanding of the situation makes him one of the best lawyers I’ve ever meet in my life. He was helping me and protected all of my interests in all deals and contracts I was ever signing. I got only benefits out of deals with witch Oleg helped me.”

Miami, Florida, 2015

“A great attorney to write your thoughts in a legal way. Oleg has done a few contracts for me and they have been thorough, simple and quickly delivered. He is very approachable and ready to explain why something can or cannot be done and proactive in suggesting other ways to do something that potentially benefits or protects the client better. He will be my choice whenever I need to write a new contract again.”

Key Biscayne, Florida, 2015

“Oleg Otten is a great lawyer, I strongly recommend him

Oleg has done a couple jobs for me and all of them have turned out great. He was very responsive to my inquires and had the patience to explain me in detail the documents he wrote for me. Oleg also works fast and meets the deadlines established. I Strongly recommend him.”

South Miami, Florida, 2015

“I work for small company as a Corporate Counsel. I requested legal advice from Mr. Otten on various occassions regarding drafting and negotiating contracts, commercial leases, and providing legal opionions on our corporate structure, and general compliance of our company with the law. We are very satisfied with Mr. Otten’s work. Mr. Otten is a very professional attorney who always provides prompt and complete responses to every legal issue. Also, his fees are very reasonable.”

Coral Gables, Florida, January 2015

Immigration Legal Advice. I seeked Oleg’s guidance with respect to a rather complicated immigration issue. His initial response and subsequent responses were thorough and timely. A response was consistently received within a 24-hour period. His advice took into consideration expertise from his colleagues on the matter as well as the law. The advice received was honest and logical. Oleg Otten clearly communicated the pros and cons as it pertained to the case and the probability of a good outcome. I would use his services again mainly because of his expertise, but also because of his honesty as displayed in letting me know the slim likelihood of being able to present a compelling case to the government.”

Palmetto Bay, Florida, January 2015

“A lawyer that cares

Oleg cares! Not only does he know what he is talking about, in depth, he helped me with an immigration case, he kept me in the loop and was very responsive. Beside, he’s a great guy.”

Doral, Florida, January 2015

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